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[icon] good traits: I'm loyal, passionate, determined and not easily… - What President are you most like?
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Time:09:37 pm
good traits: I'm loyal, passionate, determined and not easily intimidated. I have a strong work ethic. I like to see the best in people and am very forgiving. I tend to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

bad traits: I can be proud, cold and impatient when I am at my worst. I can also be overly sensative.
desired political party: Republican
dream state: Ohio

talents: Public speaking and anything political.
desired era.: Revolutionary period would be interesting

were do you stand on?
Independence from England? I'm all for it!! Independence is a beautiful thing!
West-Ward Expansion: In favor!! Many good things come from expanding our borders and therefore our strength.
slavery? No! All men are created equal...regardless of race.
do you have strong convictions or are you easily swayed? I am never swayed when I know that I am right.
are you from the New England, Mid-Alantic,The West , The South: I hail from the Mid-Atlantic :)
who are some people you admire? Ronald Reagan, John C. Calhoun, Paul Ryan, and every man and woman who has served or is serving in the Armed Forces.
How People Describe You: "A Horse of a Different Color". Strong, fearless.
Dislikes: That time period in between campaigns :(, seeing anyone in distress, saying goodbye.
Likes: Campaigning, history, politics, friends, GenJ, Christmas, singing, dancing, running, reading, coffee.
The worst insult someone called you: I don't remember...insults tend to go right over my head or roll right off my back
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Gray/Blue
Music: Rock n' Roll, Contemporary Christian, Hip-Hop
Movie: Soul Surfer
What are you scared of?: Spiders (yes seriously)
Brave or Timid: Brave
Radical or prefers to listen to all sides: I will listen to all sides but my views can be radical and I will stick to them proudly
Favorite quote?: ""I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!" -Teddy Roosevelt
Shy or Outgoing?: I am somewhere in the middle. I love people though!
Loveable or Disliked?: Depends...those who give me a chance tend to love me, but there will always be those that dislike me too.
what was the sadest moment of your life?: Anytime when I've had to say goodbye to someone I love
happiest moment of your life?: The moments when my nieces and nephew were born <3
are you far to the right/left or in between: I've been told I can make Rush Limbaugh look liberal...so I guess far right
goals in life?: I want to make it to the Senate someday. In the meantime my first goal is to serve the people of this country in anyway I can!

states rights: 10th Amendment baby! :)
favorite animal: Dog. Very companionable :)
would you filibuster: Hmmm....depends on what we're talking about.
were do you stand on prayer in schools?: I don't tend to take a stand much on that specific issue but I will say that when the Thomas Jefferson spoke of a "wall of seperation between church and state", it was with the view of keeping government out of religion, not religion out of the government.
Socialism or Capitolism: Capitalism...stay far away from Socialism!
religion?: I'm a Christian

do you listen to all opinions or prefer your own: Well of course I prefer my own, but I will absolutely listen to others.
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Time:2012-11-28 02:41 am (UTC)
Monroe :D
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Time:2012-11-28 03:28 am (UTC)
Mod Note: you could put this under a "cut" to make it look neater, but i'll tell you how in the morning since we both need to get to sleep ;D Lol.
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[icon] good traits: I'm loyal, passionate, determined and not easily… - What President are you most like?
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